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Empress Simone was born and raised in the Bronx of New York City where she was educated in the Catholic School system. She attended Ashford University, where she earned her bachelor’s degree with honors in Journalism and Mass Communications with a minor in Sociology, graduating with a cumulative GPA of 3.53. She turned her hobby into a new career and is now a “professional genealogist,” as opposed to a freelance genealogist, focusing on African American Family Research. Her goals are to become a powerhouse in the Independent Journalism field. One step she has taken to accomplish this is attending Full Sail University for its New Media Journalism master’s degree program. Empress’s estimated graduation date is April 2021, but her education goals surpass the two degrees mentioned; she has enrolled in Full Sail’s Entertainment Business Master’s Program slated to begin May 2021.

Empress Simone has published over 24 Urban Fiction and all sub-categories. Empress Simone’s new written Urban Fiction works are only collaborations on anthologies with her fellow authors. She is working on solo projects, including a new oracle and tarot card line named ‘Enchanted Empress Magical World of Oracles and Tarot’ that is due to be released on 11/24/2020. Currently, her primary focus is to dedicate her efforts to publishing other authors. When she is not working on her own solo projects, she is providing ghostwriting services to those authors who have great ideas for stories, but struggle with putting them in words She feels that her gift lies in helping others achieve their dreams. As an indie author, she has made the Amazon best sellers list various times and placed twice on UBAWA’s Top 100 African-American Authors for the years 2017 and 2018.

Empress Simone is a member of the New York Association for Black Journalists, where she hopes to network with those, she admires in the journalism field and make valuable connections for a lifetime. Empress Simone’s mantra is “Power in the Pen,” and she has promised to dedicate her career as one who will use her words for the benefit of the community she holds dearly, ‘The black and Urban Community.” Speaking of which, you may find her magazine ‘Strictly for My People: An Urban Literary Magazine – The Rebirth Collection’ on magcloud.com along with the first SFMP issues published in 2016.

If that is not enough, be on the lookout for even more projects as Empress Simone is planning a four city tour after the 2020 pandemic, an Executive Producer of a film still in production titled ‘Old Head’ created and produced by CEO Sid of Platfrm Films, and Empress Simone is diligently working on a script for her web series. The web series will be based on her best-selling novel ‘In these Streets: Koi’s Saga,’ which will be released under her E4L Film Works LLC Corporation. Plus, her Jaguar Fon’s Life Coaching Services LLC Corporation will be launched by May 2021. As a result, be prepared to network with her as Empress Simone will continue her life purpose of creating employment opportunities for the black community and helping others achieve their life dreams.

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