About Empress

 Empress Simone is a self published author. She has recently added to her credit publisher of
the fast rising magazine affectionately titled: 'Strictly for My People: An Urban Literary Magazine. '

Besides being an author and publisher, Empress Simone is also a full time journalism student and an avid genealogist who love to spend time researching her ancestors.

The magazine along with her various titles (both EBook and Paperback format) can be found by visiting www.amazon.com and www.MagCloud.com (for the magazine only). Be sure to type her name in the search engine on both sites. 

An Ominous Affair

Neffeteria Upchurch’s encounter with Dotson Cummins proves to be her greatest challenge yet. Dotson isn’t your average all-American who comes from ‘long money’. He’s a hip, down to earth, try anything once type of guy which includes a bit of S&M. Everything seems smooth between the two until Neffeteria’s chance meeting with Dotson’s father, Ireland Cummins and brother Jeremy. Secrets are divulged leaving Dotson and Neffeteria’s relationship in a lurch. Will their newly formed bond stands such devastation or will their tie be broken forever? The older Cummins seems to have the answer even if that means his son doesn’t end up with the love of his life. So what road will Dotson and Neffeteria choose, Love or Money?

I’m That Chick

 Being the wife of a hustler is all Sky Cunningham has ever known. The love he bestowed upon her was more than welcomed. It basically saved her life and taught her to have high self-esteem. However, due to certain circumstances she is now on her own. She faces the scorn and contempt of his old partners as they try and hold her accountable for his mistakes. To eat and keep her new-found rivals off her tail, she has become her own boss of a crew consisting of three other females. She struggles with trusting their loyalty to her and the daunting question of who to keep in her circle of team members? 

Will Sky keep her crew together as it stands or will she allow new team members to take the place of the old? What will Sky decide? Tag along as she decides who joins her winner’s circle.

Stay Loyal

 India Perini has always focused her attentions on maintaining the love of her children’s father, Veontrae Simmons. However, as time and life passes them by she is faced with the stark reality that Veontrae wasn’t all that he seemed. His thirst for extra-sexual encounters, including those with her own family but excluding India, are the cause for his spiral and depression. He takes his ill feelings for himself and externalizes them onto the one woman who loves him more than she loves herself. India becomes Veontrae’s victim of lust, infidelity and domestic violence. After trying hard to make things work she can no longer take any more of his abuse. India makes a great escape to a life of tranquility and harmony. She now lives for her new love and blended family with Chance Myers and his daughter Marley. Their love is tested in the worst way as India now becomes a victim once again to Veontrae’s wild side, consisting of same sex romances.

Find out how everything unfolds, including if Chance and India’s newly established romance can withstand the perils of Veontrae’s down lo-ism and extra-curricular activities.

Hand Picked

This is a fast-paced story about a teenage girl named Caprice. She comes from a broken home and looks for love in all the wrong places; with all the wrong people. In this classic predator vs. prey teen drama we will find out if Caprice's family can save her from a life of turmoil or allow her to succumb to a predator's advances and live a life of hardship.

Needing His Love: Burning Embers

Needing His Love: Burning Embers is an Urban Novel with an exciting twist of events. These standalone chronicles recently released from incarceration and out on Parole, Ember Montgomery. She must work hard to rebuild her life. 

Ember is also newly engaged to a wonderful man named Jacob Clay borne. He is understanding, compassionate and most of all willing to help her cope daily living with Mental Illness.  An unexpected turn of event forces Ember to confront a past she thought was left behind. Ember must also face the family members, out to draw blood, of the man she once loved and almost murdered.  A whirlwind and turbulent love affair arises out of this situation with Parole Officer Christos. It causes her and fiancé Jacob’s relationship to spiral downhill. Will Ember and Jacob’s love withstand the detrimental blow it has been dealt or will Ember’s past cause her to lose it all, along with her sanity which is hanging on by a thread?

New York City’s Finest

A Street Lit Novella - Become engrossed as Empress Simone spins a tale of epic proportions. A tale which details the battle between good and evil actions of the Thompson Family. Their battle is like the destructive vortex of twisting winds which can be seen inside a twirling tornado. See how everything unfold when friends and family members start clashing from an intense sibling rivalry between twin sisters named Maisha and Miracle Thompson. This rivalry is culminated by a mother’s hatred and fear of one of the twins she birthed. Follow along as the more outspoken and sociable twin Maisha, blazes her path, in her own right, throughout New York City’s Concrete Jungle while coping with teen pregnancy, Police Corruption and a loose cannon of a boyfriend. During it all, throw in a father’s thirst and hunger to protect the one daughter he has felt was slighted and see how rough it become for this young woman and her loved ones. See who wins and who loses as Maisha, the Beautiful and Precocious twin, battles to live and become New York City’s Finest also finding her true Knight in Shining Armor in the interim to save her from it all.

New York City’s Finest: A Street Lit Novella 2

 The Thompson Family is back in this tantalizing urban thriller. They are trying to build a harmonious bond together despite their previous trouble as a unit. 

The lively Maisha is digging the new man, Manny, in her life. He is turning out to be the Knight in shining armor she always wanted until the same old characters show up and tragedy rears its ugly head once again. The waters are tested, trust, along with loyalty, are weak and the ties that bind have broken. With Damarius and Tamara in the fray, find out who will survive this game of cloak and dagger as the quieter twin Miracle take the reins.

In These Streets: Koi’s Saga

 Everything from life, love, infidelity, murder and death are explored as seen through the eyes of Eliza Ma’koi MacDougal. A young feisty teen who was forced to grow up fast due to the death of the first man who ever loved her. Yes, her dad. She then watches as her mother spirals out of control as she chases her crack demons. Forced to grow up fast and take reigns of the household and younger siblings to try and keep them out the Foster Care System, she meets and falls in love with a nineteen-year-old male named Griffin. He is four and a half years her senior. He loves young Koi in his own twisted way but makes no secret of his wifey, an older more sophisticated hood chick who bumps heads with Koi a lot. Koi takes it all in stride however and turns to boosting clothes to help contribute to the household income and engages in frisky behavior with a young thug by the name of Fuquan. However, young Koi starts on a spiral of her own along with her fifteen-year-old best friend Shatease who already have a two-year-old child and a mother whose crack demons are just as strong as Koi’s mom. This Saga will have you place your own daughters under house arrest, peeking in their rooms at night and following them in the morning to school to ensure they are not cutting up in the streets, chasing boys and sexually active. It’s a shame that Koi’s last few days in her young life have taken a turn for the worst. Be prepared to cry, shout and become angrier than you ever have as you read young Koi’s story of betrayal involving, lies, lust and murder for hire. You will see the one thing Koi feels is missing in her life since her dad’s death is love but will root for her to overcome her turmoil in this Hood Literary Drama.

In These Streets: Koi’s Saga 2

 The anticipated second installment of In These Streets: Koi’s Saga is here. It picks up where the first installment has left off by informing you of the events after young Koi and older boyfriend Griff were rushed to the hospital. This second installment is just as hot as the first introducing you to a new cast of characters with even more secrets and scandals than the original characters. Included in this new cast are the two ladies in Uncle Mack’s life along with members of the Mexican cartel, Distribuidores de dolor. Find out what happens when their paths collide as the saga continues. 

No Sugar Coating Shit: I Want It All

Enter the world of Karrington Miller, abandoned at birth, adopted by loving parents who are tragically taken from her. Karrington is left alone then abused by those who took an oath to protect her until she meets her two cohorts Britta and Capone. The two accompany her on many of life’s adventures. Both are sexually attracted to Karrington and one tries to hide their true feelings but can’t hold it any longer. They plan and manipulate each other and those around them. Nothing is off limits to this trio including Bank Fraud and Murder. Follow along and see who will be victorious in this battle to be grand manipulator in a game of Hood Domination.

No Sugar Coating Shit: I Want It All 2 (The Come Up)

Karrington La-Gata Miller and the crew are back in the second installment of No Sugar Coating Shit: I Want It All series. This installment is another Street Lit Sensation brought to you by Empress Simone. No Sugar Coating Shit: I Want It All – The Come Up has just as much action as the first installment of the series, if not more. We find out the outcome of Britta’s disappearance, Karrington is still the scornful woman we know her to be but Capone is sticking by his lady. The couple is making major moves. One which brings them out of New York City and face to face with the reality they want more than the menial roles in life they have accepted for themselves. Gone are the days of check fraud as they know it. They are now full on in search of a come up which leads to the road to riches. Stay tuned, grab a refreshment and read along as you prepare to be awed by the new cast of chosen characters and the crew’s daring new career paths.

Geena: A Bronx Chick's Story

 Meet Geena Samuels, a single mother raising two sons in one of New York City’s toughest boroughs. This Bronx Story is nothing like you’ve ever witnessed before. Geena encounters violence and betrayal from those who claim to love her most. She is on a roller coaster ride of a struggle to make ends meet and find true love with emotions raging between love and anger that sometimes lead to war. One such war is the battle between her and best friend Abby who has her hood winked while they are in search of the fast money lifestyle. Abby is wild, reckless and jealous of Geena. Unbeknownst to Geena, Abby is committed to destroying her, the one true person who trusts her. During it all the one saving grace seem to be Geena’s sponsor who helps with the bills and Geena’s expensive shopping habits. However his real intentions are covered by the financial security he provides. Will Geena survive the game, or the web of deceit her best friend Abby or Sponsor have woven, or will naivety and greediness be the cause of her demise? 

Geena: A Bronx Chick’s Story (Volume 2)

 In the first two installments of Geena: A Bronx Chick’s Story, we were introduced to Geena Samuels. A single mother hustling to make ends meet at home along with an expensive shopping habit. We journeyed with her through emotional relationships with both her lovers and close friends. All of whom betrayed her. As a result, she had to resort to violence to save herself and family. In this third installment of Geena: A Bronx Chick’s Story 3, Geena finds herself in jail with an unlikely buddy. The Brutal Prosecutor and her ex-lover Malachi try and snatch Geena’s Freedom away for a very long time. As events unfold in this Climactic third and final installment, we meet new characters as Geena battle with old ones which include taking their lives. Hold on for a wild ride of unexpected plot twists and turns to find out how Geena defeats Willie. P. Harris, Albie and Malachi, her three biggest nemesis’ to date. 

Geena: A Bronx Chick's Story 3

 In the first two installments of Geena: A Bronx Chick’s Story, we were introduced to Geena Samuels. A single mother hustling to make ends meet at home along with an expensive shopping habit. We journeyed with her through emotional relationships with both her lovers and close friends. All of whom betrayed her. As a result, she had to resort to violence in order to save herself and family. In this third installment of Geena: A Bronx Chick’s Story 3, Geena finds herself in jail with an unlikely buddy. The Brutal Prosecutor and her ex-lover Malachi try and snatch Geena’s Freedom away for a very long time. As events unfold in this Climactic third and final installment, we meet new characters as Geena battle with old ones which include taking their lives. Hold on for a wild ride of unexpected plot twists and turns to find out how Geena defeats Willie. P. Harris, Albie and Malachi, her three biggest nemesis’ to date. 

JaDori: Side Chick to Marriage: A Bronx Chick's Story Spin-off

 Sit back, relax and embark on a tumultuous journey with JaDori Johnson Quick. A journey of an inner struggle and turmoil for the goal and sake of marriage. A young, sexy, ride or die chick who plays the survival street game just like a man while searching for her childhood dream of Love and Marriage. She encounters many male characters that claim to be her man but really are wolves in sheep clothing. Some of those men are loyal and some just out for themselves. She purrs for them when needed, sets an enemy up for the kill at will and bitch slaps anyone anywhere when she feels she has been wronged. JaDori wasn’t born this way. She transformed this way because the ones’ in her life molded her. Becoming a mistress at the age of sixteen and resorting to prostitution, drug abuse and covering up a murder just to endure life’s challenges while on life terms she shows she was born to survive. As an adult she is not the greatest mom though her kids love her and get what they need in return. Her children’s father is back and forth between lovers. She fights for her man but in the end she moves on to others in search of what he couldn’t provide. JaDori’s not the greatest lover though but men love to love her because she exudes sexiness. Her friends are few but totally committed to her and what she stands for. Delve with JaDori into her world of Sex, Lies, Murder and Self-Discovery like no other could endure. 

Murk Season

What happens when someone you love is in trouble? Do you endanger yourself to help lift their burdens? Or do you remain neutral in hopes that the trouble fades away? These were questions Sky Cunningham was faced with when approached by Arien Carson. What was her decision? Did she risk losing everything to save and avenge her loved one from the demons out to get them? Read along to find out what became of Sky and Arien and those close to them and those whom they loved dearly.

The Cherry Spot: A New York City's Finest: A Street Lit

The Cherry Spot is a spinoff of the hit novel ‘New York City’s Finest: A Street Lit Novella' written by Empress Simone, but can be read as a standalone novel. The Cherry Spot dives into the lives of dancers, Apache, Tropics, and Tamara along with madam Ja'kiera and her stable Erika, Paisley, and Serena. We witness first hand the battles they won as well as those they lost. Throw in a demented serial killer and you have the perfect recipe for disaster. Who lives and who dies all depends on how hard they fight to survive. Read the pages of this full-length novel to find out the outcome of their tribulation and trials.

Also from Empressed for Life Presents

Double Standards by Mariah Emanii.

 Henry Lettsome is a handsome model with the ideal family; a loving wife named Heather and a beautiful child. They have a nice home and fine things that money can buy. However, things aren't what they appear to be. See, Henry has a taste for the women. One specifically named Heavenly Cherish. Yet no one else is off limits and some relationships are close to home. Will his thirst for extra-marital relations be his downfall? Turn the pages of this erotic drama to find out. 

Sexually Neurotic

Tamra is a young, hardworking entrepreneur. She has a profitable business and a family consisting of a loving husband and adorable twins. Despite this, Tamra lives life a bit on the wild side. That is until everything comes crashing down on her and those she loves. Will she be able to rebuild her life or will it prematurely end? Seems she still has some growing to do. Will she do it in time to save everyone around her including herself. Find out how Tamra finagles her way out of the obstacles she puts into play which only comes back to haunt her.

Snapped: The Point of No Return

Young Nariah was always a happy child with loving parents.. Everything changed the day her parents were involved in a tragic accident. Forced to live with her aunt after her parents' death, Nariah started to live a harsh life as if she were an adult at the tender age of twelve. If it weren’t for her two best friends, she never would have been able to survive the horrible nightmare she lived. Yet she did; too bad others didn't. Turn the pages to find out the outcome when all innocence is lost and one person snaps!

The Southern Dutchess: Loving you Through My Pain

"You never truly know how damaged a person is until you try to love them"

Life for Zorya changed at 18 when she made an impulsive decision that placed her in a personal hell. Now at 23 she is involved in a new world she knows nothing about while trying to battle her own personal demons.
Phoenix Hudson is a man on top, who lost the two most important people in his life. Still being haunted by his past years later he is living in his guilt trying to be the man he once was. When you're living with a broken heart that's easier said than done.
When Zorya and Phoenix cross paths it is a case of fire and ice. Over time their relationship is tested through Zorya's rebellion against love and Phoenix's hold on his guilt. Can they both love each other through their pain or will their pain just make it too hard for them to love?

The Southern Dutchess 2: Wicked Betrayals: The Finale

The explosive series picks up with everyone at the center of drama, lies, betrayal, and tragedy. All of Zorya's enemies are coming for her, even one right under her nose. As she struggles to heal and keep her loved ones safe, will she ever find her way back to the love of her life? Phoenix is on the road of forgiveness while suffering through another heartbreak. He teams up with his brother to go against their father once and for all. In the highly anticipated series finale, multiple bodies drop and twist and turns awaits each chapter. Will everyone make it out of this street war alive? Can love outweigh betrayal? Find out as these characters take a journey like no other.

Strictly for my People: An Urban Literary Magazine

July 2016 Issue 4

 The fourth issue of SFMP magazine include rant of the month by Author Sentu Taylor, A featured Article by CEO/Owner Empress Simone. The article takes a personal look at New York City's Mental Health and Hygiene System. This issue also include spotlights featuring Authors Edna J. White, Mnyama Nkosi, Jessica Wren and Lori Titus, recommended reads as well as publisher choice reads and Memoriams of Afeni Shakur, Muhammad Ali and Kimbo Slice. 

May 2016 Issue 2

 This is the second issue of Strictly for My People: An Urban Literary Magazine. It is geared toward today's hottest Urban fiction authors (amongst other genres as well). We feature Essence Best Selling Author Brenda L. Thomas, NAACP award winning author Eartha Watts- Hicks and contributing articles from Best Selling Authors Sentu Taylor and Ceo Sid. They focus on empowering us with knowledge. We'll also feature an article from a dope aspiring author by the name of Kidd Synsation. Finally, a juicy tidbit to wet your pallets for a few whom may have felt left out the first issue, this issue (and ongoing issues) will feature a poetry corner. Thank you for your interest and all support. Spread the word and let your voices be heard by contributing your talent. Details can be found inside for those who want to pursue this matter. 

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